Malvern Hills General Site Rules

By applying for a helmet sticker, whether or not you are applying to join the Club, you are agreeing to abide by the site rules which apply to the Malvern Hills as a whole, as amended from time to time by the Club.  

The current version of the rules is set out below, but you accept that the Club may change these rules at any time without notice.  You should therefore check the up to date position each time before you fly from the Malvern Hills.

  • The general requirements set out on the Flying the Malverns page of the website apply
  • No take offs or landings are permitted on the Herefordshire Beacon (also known as British Camp)
  • All final approaches and landings must take place a safe distance from other users and livestock
  • No landings are permitted along the top of the ridge
  • Slope landings are permitted
  • If flying north of the Worcestershire Beacon, you must avoid flying into the airspace reserved for the Malvern Soaring Association modellers, who fly their models from North Hill and Table Hill.  For details of that airspace, see the relevant maps in the sites guide.
  • The Malvern Hills Trust permits landing and ground handling on Castlemorton Common and on certain parts of Malvern Common.  Use of Malvern Common for landing is particularly sensitive; only part of it may be used and particular care should be taken not to startle other users and animals when doing so.  The permitted area for landing is marked on the relevant maps in the sites guide.
  • Our continued permission to use the Malvern Hills depends upon satisfying the Malvern Hills Trust that we are responsible and careful users.  Due to the particular statutory scheme which applies to the Hills and surrounding common land, breaking the conditions laid down by the Trust risks causing a total ban on all flying from the Hills.  It also lays the offender open to criminal prosecution under the Malvern Hills Acts.
  • Three Counties Show Ground.  When there is an event of more than 1,000 people, you must comply with Air Law (summary: no overflight under 1,000 feet, no landing within 1,000 metres)
  • Bottom landings.  ONLY use the fields described in the site guides.  The Three Counties Showground car park can only be used if empty.

Individual guides for the different take-offs from the Malvern Hills (and related authorised landing fields) can be found in the sites guide

If you agree to the above, then use our WebCollect service to Join the Club or buy a helmet sticker.



Interactive Map - drag, zoom, and click on items for descriptions.

Red, no landing.  Purple, no overflying.