If you have an accident, witness an accident or discover a problem with your kit, please report it to the BHPA using the incident report form.

You can see the BHPA response to incidents in their incident report pages

Formal Investigations / Informal Investigations



Before flying, make sure you are aware of any Notices to Airmen that might affect your flight.

NOTAM Map here:

(Information about military low flying Low flying timetable)



Mid week flying? Please submit a CANP to notify the military and other air users.  (To reduce duplicate notifications please also post a comment in the Malvern Flyers Telegram group with the details, if you can.)

The easiest way it to use Chris Williams's web-app (CANP for free fliers)

BHPA CANP info here:

You can also access the CANP system on Freephone 0800 515544. 



The club endeavours to put on a parachute repack session once per year, usually in February, free for members to attend.  It allows you to test deploy your reserve, to gain familiarity with the process in case you ever need it during flight, as well as checking for any problems.  The repack is supervised by a qualified BHPA reserve re-packer. 



 A series of safety bulletins put out by the clubs Safety Officer can be found here:

  1.   Clear your turns
  2.   Safety is no accident(s)
  3.   Who You Gonna Call?
  4.   Accident and Helicopter Drill
  5.   Preparation
  6.   Evaluation
  7.   Routines
  8.   Fitness to fly
  9.   Throwing your reserve