Flying the Malvern sites

Interactive Map - drag, zoom, and click on items for descriptions.
Red, no landing.  Purple, no overflying.

Except for Cleeve Hill, which is members only, you do not have to be a Club member in order to fly the sites managed by the Club.  However, to fly from anywhere on the Malvern Hills, you must:

  • Hold at least a current BHPA Club Pilot rating (or foreign equivalent – IPPI level 2 for hang glider pilots, IPPI level 3 for paraglider pilots) – for all launches apart from the Worcestershire Beacon
  • Hold at least a current BHPA Pilot rating (or foreign equivalent – IPPI level 4) if launching from the Worcestershire Beacon
  • Have third party liability insurance (BHPA membership provides this, but if you are not a BHPA member then you must obtain separate insurance of at least equivalent scope and value)
  • Obtain and display a helmet sticker, acknowledging your undertaking to comply with the site rules which apply to the Malvern Hills as a whole and each part of them.  (The first time you join as a member of the Club, you can obtain a free helmet sticker)
  • Have at least 15 hours’ post qualification flying hours logged, except:
    • if flying from Castlemorton (also known as Swinyard Hill), or
    • if you are a Club member and under coaching from one of the Club’s BHPA qualified coaches

If you live in the Malvern area then you are encouraged to join the Club to get the most out of flying the area and enjoying the other Club activities and resources

More detailed site rules for the Malvern Hills as a whole can be found on the 
Malvern Hills General Site Rules page.

Individual site rules and guidance for the various launches on the Hills can be found by looking at the individual pages in the
Sites Guide.

Follow this link to join the Club.