Wyche Weather station

Link to the dedicated Wyche Weather page, with a more mobile-friendly display.

The points plotted on the graphs show statistics gathered over the preceding 10 minutes

On the wind speed graph there is:

  • Red Line - Maximum
  • Green Line - Minimum
  • Blue Line - Mean
  • Lighter blue band shows Mean +/- one standard deviation


The direction graph shows points for the mean direction and error bars indicating +/- one standard deviation.

The weather station is installed and maintained by volunteers, so while it may be a useful guide, the service availability and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The station is on the top of the Malvern ridge at the Wyche Cutting. Though it is lower than the Pinnacle Hill take off, the Wyche has a venturi effect so wind speeds are much the same in an easterly. In a westerly wind speed will show a bit lower than Pinnacle and about 50% lower than the Beacon as the ground to the west of the station does not drop away very quickly and has some large trees in the way. The wind direction indicates correctly.