Club Communications


Email - Club announcements and information

When you become a member of the club you will receive group emails through our WebCollect system.  If you want to send a message to the entire club please forward the message to a member of the Committee and make the request.


Telegram - Flying discussion

This is a group messaging app for phones so you can stay in touch from almost anywhere.  

You will be added to the ‘Malvern Flyers’ group after joining, please contact Tony Wilkinson by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on +44 7983 963865 with any queries.

This is the most popular choice for club members to discuss up-coming flying plans and opportunities, as well as organising lift-shares, and giving weather reports from flying sites.  It's also very useful to aid retrieves because you can send your location as a pinpoint on a map.

Telegram - Low Airtime Pilots Group

A place for discussions and making flying arrangements between the club's coaches and newer pilots.  There are no silly questions, so you can ask them here without feeling intimidated by the sky-gods in the Malvern Flyers group.

New members ticking the 'coaching'  box on the membership form should receive an invitation to join.  Contact Chief Coach Simon Dillworth with any queries.




A Malvern Hang Gliding closed group.  Chat about flying as well as pictures videos, etc. Click here and the Join Group.